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  • Polar Star Canadian Oil and Gas Inc.

    “Iridium has taught me more about insurance than I thought I needed to know”

    — Evelyn Burnett, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Polar Star Canadian Oil and Gas Inc.

  • Sinopec Daylight Energy

    “Iridium stretched our insurance dollars much further.”

    — Steve Horner, VP Business Services, Sinopec Daylight Energy

  • Nexen Inc.

    "Iridium is the top performer amongst all of its peers."

    — Mark D. Roberton, Director of Risk Management and Insurance, Nexen Inc.

  • HSE Integrated Ltd.

    “Iridium is one of the best choices we have made.”

    — W.H. (Bill) Higgins, Senior Manager of Tax and Business Analysis, HSE Integrated Ltd.

  • Big Country Energy Services LP

    “Iridium delivered what they promised”

    — Trevor Mitzel, Chief Financial Officer, Big Country Energy Services LP

  • Propak Systems Ltd.

    “I wish we had made the change years ago!”

    — Barry C. Taylor, VP Finance and Administration, Propak Systems Ltd.

  • Canexus Corporation

    “We have consistently been treated like we are their most important client.”

    — Rich McLellan, Senior Vice President of Finance & Chief Financial Officer, Canexus Income Fund

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